The ingenious new family of wireless chargers that’s changing charging for good.

Pro Kit  
($630 retail value)

You Pre-order $297:
MAGFAST Life   $99
MAGFAST Life Extreme   $198

We’ll include $333 FREE:
MAGFAST Road   $109
MAGFAST Air   $49
MAGFAST Wall 2X   2 x $49
Lightning Adaptor Tip   $20
USB-C Adapter Tip   $15
Micro-USB Adapter Tip   $7
Lightning Family Cable   $20
USB-C Family Cable   $15
Micro-USB Family Cables   Standard
Available Options:
Alpine White or 
Forest Green
International Versions:
Type B E F or G
Ships Worldwide:
Q4 2018

Brilliant Together.

Each is delightful.
Together they’re untouchable.


How did we stay charged until now?


Attend an encore presentation of our worldwide launch and receive a MAGFAST Wall unit FREE when we ship.
Simply pick the best time and click on a button to the right.
We’ll only ask for your first name and email to confirm your registration and you can remove yourself at any time.
Both the presentation and your MAGFAST Wall are FREE, and, because this is America, one or two terms and conditions apply – see Legal Etc.

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